Frodleikr: The Full Moon Lights Our Path

Frodleikr Campaign brings changes to Battlegroup system. During the Campaign we'll be also welcoming Canadian Mages to join the battle over the cities. We'll let you know as soon as Shadow Cities is available for download in Canada!

Here's how the new Battlegroups are formed:

  • Battlegroups are formed of all the Mages of one of the three countries: Finland, Sweden and Canada. Instead of globally assigned Battlegroups of 100 Mages, you are now assigned to the same Battlegroup with all the Mages of your country.
  • This means that you will see all the Mages of your country in the Battlegroup chats and also stay in the same Battlegroup through the whole Frodleikr Campaign.

Win a Shadow Cities customized skin for iPhone 4

Adding a little twist to the Campaign, we've also added an extra goal to each Battlegroup. The Mages of the Academy that holds the Capital Gateway (Stockholm, Helsinki or Ottawa) of their country in their hold have a chance of winning a Shadow Cities customized skin from iPhone 4.

From each of the three countries we'll draw 3 winners from each winning Battlegroup team, that held their Capital Gateway longer in total amount of time during the whole Campaign period.

So if you're member of the winning Academy in your country and have gathered personally 2000 or more Energy points during the Frodleikr Campaign, you might be one of the lucky winners! Check out the customized iPhone 4 skin designs here.

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