On April 1, 2012 Grey Area announced that they would be changing the name of Shadows Cities in their next update.

Helsinki, Finland -- April 1, 2012 -- Grey Area, creators of Shadow Cities, the world's first truly mobile MMORPG, has today unveiled a change in title for the popular flagship game, to be renamed: 'Happy Fun Travel and Smile Cities'.
"The change in title will hopefully better reflect the positive intentions behind the product, and also appeal to a broader, more appropriate audience", said Ville Vesterinen, CEO and co-founder of Grey Area. "Given that Shadow Cities is intended to be a rewarding and inviting social experience, our extensive market research has revealed that words such as "happy", "fun", and "smile", evoke a much more positive feeling, than "shadow", which we eventually came to realize was actually quite foreboding and somewhat intimidating."
The new game title, 'Happy Fun Travel and Smile Cities' (HFTaSC), will become effective before the end of the month, with an update scheduled for release, designed to replace all existing mention of the previous, and slightly scarier title, 'Shadow Cities'.

This was of course an April Fool's prank.