The Animators win their first campaign victory this week!

The Independence campaign was the first campaign featuring the more fight heavy rules. Light on defense and heavy on fighting, the ruleset provided some nice battles all over the country. New tactics were discovered, things were adjusted and we received valuable feedback and criticism. We want to thank everyone for helping us to improve this game!

Next week we will continue introducing new area control mechanisms. We will see the first version of the hourly eruption mechanism and some other changes to reward holding Gateways. We look forward to hearing your thoughts, improvement suggestions and balance analysis.

This week's top players were:

  • Phobius - Architects - 100 mana potions

  • Hoomikko - Animators - 50 mana potions

  • Fee - Architects - 50 mana potions

  • VadeOllis - Architects - 50 Mana potions

  • 3jorn - Animators - 50 Mana potions

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