Congratulation mages! The Northstar has ended and the winner has been declared. The Architects triumphed over The Animators in the first weekly campaign in Shadow Cities. Congratulations!

Both sides witnessed the emergence of some amazing spell casters and Dominator harvesters. On Animator side I was particularly impressed how @Plz worked the war room. Kudos for that! Similarly one couldn't have avoided hearing the urban legends about @Jason, the Architect and his impressive Energy count. Next week we shall see whether Architects just got lucky or if there is real mad skills behind the victory.

The World Leaderboard looked like the following

1. Jason - Energy Gathered 82343
2. Eldo - Energy Gathered 47137
3. Griffer - Energy Gathered 46993
4. Caniz - Energy Gathered 34116
5. Gravitas - Energy Gathered 32617

Congrats to all!

We introduced some changes to the game dynamics that will start to gradually roll out next week. Just as before we are eager to listen what you make of the changes. The game has just begun and there's much more to come. Much more!

Rest well during the weekend mages. Monday morning will arise soon!