Paragon of guidance

Paragon Of Guidance: Unwavering Dedication

As the enlightened few begin to reach beyond previous limitations of power, they become a paragon of many things, particularly guidance for those early on the path to magic. It is through the unwavering dedication of each Archmage and their individual earnestness to see their academy succeed, that the final outcome for the battle over magic will be determined. How will you use the knowledge you've gained on the road to greatness? To share and to guide, or to covet and control?

With the 'Rise of the Archmage' update now available and the level cap increased, we will be rewarding 10 mages with academy stickers among all who post a screenshot to our Facebook wall by Monday, July 2 with an image depicting the Archmage title unlocked, by reaching level 22! If you've already reached this new pinnacle of power, be sure and help fellow members of your academy do the same!

The 'Paragon of Guidance' campaign will begin Monday, June 25 at approximately 4:00 AM PDT and will run for one full week. Individual rewards will be provided to top contributors at the end of each round and total energy gains can be tracked on the leader board. You can also view the results of each campaign and round on our global battlegroup campaign page.

If you would like to discuss the weekly campaigns, visit our Campaign forum!