Perplexity machine

Perplexity Machine: Control The Power

As more powerful shadow energy bleeds into our world, the complexity required to convert such raw power into usable magic increases exponentially. Only by tapping into the newest technologies, enhanced and driven by the oldest of magics, can either side hope to prove victorious. Which of the two Academy ideologies will serve to provide the greatest edge; the forward-thinking philosophies of the technology-driven Architects, or the ancient wisdom of the Animators, forever-seeking magic long since forgotten?

The 'Perplexity Machine' campaign will begin Monday, March 12 at approximately 5:00 AM PDT and will run for one full week. Individual rewards will be provided to top contributors at the end of each round and total energy gains can be tracked on the leader board. You can also view the results of each campaign and round on our global battlegroup campaign page.

During the 'Perplexity Machine' campaign, the recently introduced Animator High Command and Architect Battle Control dominators work the same way as during previous week's 'Academic Pride' campaign.

As before, the same rules that apply to regular dominators, such as recharging, health values, harvesting, as well as energy & experience gains, will also apply to these new Academy summoned dominators.

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