Shadow amethyst

Shadow Amethyst: Honour Earth And Shade

The true mage's quest for power is endless, forever seeking to rise above old limitations and ways of being. On the arduous path of such transformation, each mage must find their own way, though early on most become aware of certain truths widely deemed universal. The most important of these truths, according to the most venerable of mages, regards the source for true power. It is the knowledge that all power, even what the shadow provides, comes first from the earth. Before we can truly harness all it hopes to offer, we must first respect and honor that which it already provides.

The 'Shadow Amethyst' campaign will begin Monday, April 16 at approximately 4:00 AM PDT and will run for one full week. Individual rewards will be provided to top contributors at the end of each round and total energy gains can be tracked on the leader board. You can also view the results of each campaign and round on our global battlegroup campaign page.

Celebrate Earth Day on April 22, by spreading your words of appreciation for the earth, as well as for all the wonderful people in it who make it an even more special place to live!

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