Twinspire: Not One Without The Other

Twinspire Campaign starts tonight at 6 pm! Get ready to attack, defend and donate Spirits.

This week's Campaign introduces a small new twist into the game. Instead of one Super Beacon there will now appear always two Super Beacons in the same location, one for each team. Just like before, you will get a notification of a summoned Super Beacon calling you to defend or attack.

Also like we told earlier this week, the Spirit Bag and the Research Lab will be removed in the future version of Shadow Cities. We strongly encourage all of you to start donating your Spirit reserves for your team already during this Campaign. So keep this in mind, Mages!

Twinspire Campaign ends on Thursday April 28th.

What about Catchers?

Some of you have probably been wondering what will happen to Catchers as the Spirit Bag is removed. Catchers aren't going anywhere, but their function will change in the new client version.

To sum it up, in future you can either collect the Spirit your Catcher has caught for Spirit Missions or you can leave your Catcher to guard your neighborhood. While guarding the area Catcher can release the Spirit it has caught on nearby enemy Mage and give you much needed support especially if you are the underdog or not online to defend your hoods. Catchers can also be summoned to aid you in combat while attacking. Just summon a Catcher and let it capture a Spirit and it will aid you in your attack.

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